Bollywood Movies in China: Movies earn millions in China Box Office

The craze of Indian films in China is increasing among the people. The live example of this is the recent release movies. These films not only made crores of rupees in India but also beat many of China's films in the collection. So let us now tell you about 5 films of Bollywood who earned a lot of money at the Chinese box office.

Salman Khan's film 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan' is released on March 2 in China. The film has earned 117.49 million in just one week. This is Salman's debut film in China. The film was released in India two years ago in 2015, which made tremendous earnings. The story is about a little girl of Pakistan separate from her parent in India. Then an Indian guy helps her to go back.

Aamir Khan's movie 'Dangal' earned 1309 crores in China. The film was released in India in 2016, with a budget of 90 crores. In this case, the film has earned 370 in India and Worldwide earnings is 2001 crore. This movie is a sports biographic movie. Based on the life of daughters of Phogat family.

'Secret Superstar' movie also recently released in China. The film has so far made a collection of 790 million in China and still, earnings continue. It's about a girl who wants to become a singing superstar but for her family and father, she can't able to pursue her dream. Later on she able to do.

South Indian movie Bahubali had a collection of 7.54 crore. While in India, the film had earned Rs 600 crores, although the budget of this film was 180 crores.

PK was released in India in the year 2014. The budget for this film was 85 crores. The film had a collection of 340.80 crores at the box office, while in China, the film had a collection of 129 crores. It's a story of an alien who comes to this world and then how is his life?