Monsoon Playlist 2018: Iconic Bollywood Songs You Should Tune In This Season

Rain has been epitomizing romance since time immemorial! Millennial children have always been a tough lot to handle and it is the same when it comes to this topic as well. They function via a different formula and it defines them in ways unknown. Applications like tinder have now made having boyfriends and girlfriends no biggie, what we lack is the presence of self (mind and heart)! Self-discovery and the need to reflect is real! Either you know yourself well or you are nowhere in this competitive world.

Every season comes with its own set of feels but rain and nostalgia are besties. Let’s check out some amazingly popular Bollywood songs which will be your companion irrespective of your mood:

1. Koi Ladki Hai from the movie Dil Toh Pagal Hai –The song features Shah Rukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit dancing as a couple but it is enough to remind every millennia of childhood and the feeling of being responsibility free. Now, if it’s raining outside and you somehow end up listening to this song then it is not an option to not go out and dance screaming chak dhum dhum! Not helping? Watching the video will!

2. Pani da rang –Ayushman Khurana might not be an Arijit Singh but his paani da rang topped the chartbusters and managed to cling on to the first position for quite a long time. The video has nothing depicting rain but imagine listening to this song while sipping on a pipping hot cup of masala chai! Convinved right? *ting

3. Ab ke sawan- 90s kids had different scene when it came to music, every decade has a new tone but the millennial kids probably had the best of all- no auto-tunes and no crazy rap and rape song! The hippies and band loving audience still listen to the fabulous beats of the time. This was hands down a favourite and will surely remind you of the amazing music we had back then.

4. Dum dum deega dega –Filmmakers in 1960 had so much better music taste than any of today’s artists. The oldies surprisingly cashed romance so much less than us and had so much more sense of individuality that it is shameful. With limited resources they produced music and movies that you need not have a partner to enjoy with, you shall suffice. Unlike the oh-so-popular stalker tendencies of todays world, Raj Kapoor managed to pass compliments in a way more realistic way!

5. Bhage re man kahin – Feminists are going from being misunderstood to being healthily investigated! And thankfully our generation is the one which saw the highest rise in women empowerment supporters. Also probably no other generation gave women as much liberty. This song has explored sensitive issues like that of prostitutes to the misunderstood soup women have been soaking in since time immemorial.

The best songs of Bollywood if you are lost, you are welcome!


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