Some Unknown Facts of our Beloved Bhaijaan “Salman Khan”

Salman Khan

In the year 1965 on December 27 a baby boy has taken birth at screenwriter Salim Khan's house, nowadays we know him as Salman Khan, beloved Bhaijaan. He is not only famous as a film actor also he is known as a producer, singer and television personality. His career goes through many ups and downs, controversies related to his girlfriends, about his marriage and police case many things happen to him but he standout like a mountain and still continuing his career at the top in the industry.

Did you know that Salman Khan’s real name is Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan? Height is 1.74 m. To know more details of Salman khan visit below link.

Have a Look into some interesting Unknown Facts about Salman Khan

Salman Khan's 'colour' obsession- well did you know Salman Khan is very particular about the colour, he is very concern about the colour of clothes those he is going to wear.

Salman Khan Feels ‘uncomfortable’ with clothes, Khan is the first celebrity in Bollywood who shows his abs onscreen. We can say that he feels a little uncomfortable with clothes, so he opens his shirts on movies.

Salman Khan carries Kareena Kapoor's photo, Salman Khan carries a photo of Kareena Kapoor in with him.   

Salman Khan 'doesn't think' Madhuri was paid more in HAHK, Salman Khan doesn’t think that his co-star of HAHK, Bollywood dance queen Madhuri get paid more than him for the movie.

These are some facts about Salman Khan for more detailed information about the great Bollywood star Salman Khan visit Fresh Box Office or click on the below link.