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Ranveer Singh reveals the real reason behind dubbing for Deadpool 2

Ranveer Singh the craziest star of Bollywood to steal the limelight.  Even when he is not on screen but he still attracts the fans with his dialogues. For the voiceover of this movie Ranveer Singh fits the bill. Here is the actual reason why Ranveer ready to give his voice for Deadpool 2. So visit here to read more

Sridevi death could be a murder: Ex-cop

With the death of this legendary actress, a brighter star vanished from the sky of Bollywood. Her death was the biggest sadma for the industry. But after her death, most of her fans demand an investigation. And recently Supreme Court rejects it. But according to the report, an ex-cop named Ved Bhushan has claimed maybe there was some mystery behind her death. So maybe it was an accident, maybe a murder. So visit here to read more

Latest release Khajoor Pe Atke – Budget Breakdown

Today Bollywood release 3 movies. And this movie has the most exciting trailer. The name of the movie is also so exciting.  visit here to read more

Deadpool 2 - Bhavesh Joshi face off

At the screening of Deadpool 2 on Thursday night the celebrities become the witness of the superhero face off. Deadpool and Bhavesh Joshi. Harshvardhan Kapoor came to the screening with his superhero get up of his upcoming movie. So visit here to read more

Bollywood actress at Cannes film festival 2018

Bollywood diva's beautifully present them at the red carpet of 2018 Cannes film festival. The actress was representing them with a very beautiful avatar. Here are some few details and photos of them. So visit here to read more