Top 5 Bollywood Trending News of the Day | Hot Bollywood News of the day

Top 5 Bollywood Trending News of the Day

Sonam K. Ahuja and Anand s. Ahuja after marriage changes their name

Sonam Kapoor changes her name after marriage but everyone says but Anand has also changed his name, nobody wrote about that. Visit here to Read More

Shakti Kapoor opens up on Shraddha Kapoor's marriage

Shraddha is always in news not for her film only. Many times she is in news because of her personal life. This time her father commented about the marriage of Shraddha Kapoor.  Visit here to Read More

Bollywood Celebrities and their Cars

The celebrities not just always in trend because of their movies they are in the news because of their lifestyle also. With the rich and famous from all corners of the globe splurging on magnificently-designed, high-performance cars more than ever before, how can the Bollywood actors fall behind the race. Visit here to Read More

Deadpool 2 has Bollywood connection with Ranveer Singh and Shah Rukh Khan

Deadpool 2 which is already in talks because of Ranveer Singh voice, Now again come to the news because of SRK. The movie featuring Ryan Reynolds in the lead features one of the songs of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan and it is Yun Hi Chala Chal Rahi from his film Swades. Visit here to Read More

Prabhas Reject Bollywood movie offered by Karan Johar

South Indian Superstar and everyone's Bahubali rejects Bollywood movie offer by Karan Johar. Yesh Prabhas reject Karan Johar's offer. South superstar Prabhas now busy with his upcoming movie trilingual movie ‘Saaho’. This is for the second time Prabhas rejected the Bollywood movie offer. Visit here to Read More

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